I must admit that I loved travelling, but now I think we had better take care of our nature! Ich muss zugeben, dass ich es liebte zu reisen, aber jetzt müssen wir mir mehr Rücksicht nehmen auf die Natur! Devo ammettere che mi è sempre piaciuto viaggiare, ma adesso dobbiamo prendere più cura della natura!

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Sono un’appenzellese che vive in Ticino/Svizzera da ca.30 anni ed io stessa ho imparato  sulla mia pelle quanto siano importanti le conoscenze linguistiche al fine di poter comunicare con le persone che ci circondano e conoscerne la loro cultura. Per questo vorrei insegnarle anche agli altri o motivare altre persone di intraprendere un simile cammino. Buone conoscenze linguistiche possono inoltre essere  importantissime per trovare un nuovo lavoro, ma bisogna impegnarsi molto per ottenere dei risultati! Questo è anche il motivo maggiore perché continuo a scrivere in tre lingue! Magari volete cogliere l’occasione.

Magari vi interessano i miei articoli preparti in relazione a dei video su ticinesi di successo :TICINESI DI SUCCESSO

In ultimo vorrei invitare a leggere il mio blog tutti quelle persone intorno al mondo che non hanno intenzione di imparare una lingua, ma che amano occuparsi di tutto è di più, come per esempio la letteratura o il clima!

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Ich bin eine Appenzellerin und lebe seit ca. 30 Jahren im Tessin/Schweiz und  habe selbst erfahren, wie wichtig Sprachkenntnisse sind, um mit den Personen, mit denen man zusammen lebt, sprechen zu können und deren Kultur und deren Literatur zu verstehen. Gute Sprachkenntnisse können übrigens auch sehr wichtig sein, wenn man eine neue Stelle sucht, aber man muss sich sehr anstrengen, um Ziele/Resultate zu erreichen.

Aus diesem Grund möchte ich Menschen dazu verleiten Sprachen zu lernen, oder andere Menschen motivieren einen ähnlichen Weg einzuschlagen.Das ist auch der Hauptgrund, warum ich diesen Blog mit Begeisterung in drei Sprachen schreibe. Ausserdem habe auch eine Webseite. Zum Schluss lade ich jedoch auch alle diejeniegen auf meinen Blog ein, die keine Sprache lernen wollen, sich aber mit Gott und der Welt beschäftigen möchten.
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 15.17.52
 I’m originally from the Canton Appenzell/Switzerland and have been living in Ticino for approximately 30 years and have myself made the experience that the knowledge of languages is important so that we can speak together with the  people by whom we are surrounded and to get to know their culture. Good  knowledge of languages is also very useful when looking for a new job, but it is hard work to reach set goals! It is for this reason that I like to teach, speak or discuss books with people in other languages or motivate them to strike a new path. Last but not least, I try to handle this blog as well as I can, because I just love doing it and I hope to meet people around the world, open to all kinds of topics!

Maybe you feel like watching my video about my work which I prepared for OLGA KASAKOVA at the Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages in Jekaterinenburg, Russia.

Last but not least I, herewith, invite also people to read my blog who are not interested in learning a language but who just feel like reading about anything under the sun.




Hier unten findet ihr den Link zum ganzen Beitrag auf Deutsch und italiano:




Natürlich habe ich dazu auch Berichte geschrieben. I’ve, of course, also written  posts about this country. Naturalmente ho scritto anche dei post in merito questo paese.



More about me/Mehr zu mir/Di più su di me:https://rivella49.wordpress.com/about/about-my-workedi/


Cliccando sul seguente link potete vedere le mie prestazioni PPP che ho messo su slideshare.net/Wenn ihr auf den Link hier unten klickt könnt ihr meine PPP sehen, die ich auf sliedeshare.net hochgeladen habe. If you click on the following link, you can see all my PPP which I’ve uploaded onto slideshare.net http://de.slideshare.net/rivella49/


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  1. Hello and good morning,
    as you can see i’ve opened my blog with wordpress.com and I can recommend this to you but
    if you want to do more sophisticated things you would probably have to use wordpress.org.
    I thinkg this would be to difficult for me. WordPress.com is free of charge.
    I’ll send you a link where you can see how to proceed :http://www.englisch.schule.de/blog1.htm
    I hope you know German if not there a pictures! I’m not very good at computers so I don’t now
    any other possibilitties.
    By Martina

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  2. Hello Susanna,
    many thanks for your message and interests.
    In this place I would also like to say thanks to all the other people
    who are writing to me. I would, however, also like to inform
    everybody that in the future I will only answer posts adddressed
    to me personally which give me the feeling that the people
    really intend my articles and are not just sent around the
    world to everybody.
    Hope for your and everbody’s comprehension.
    Bye and also an awsome day to you.
    Bye Martina

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  3. I would like to thnkx for the efforts you have put in writing this site. I am hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the upcoming as well. Actually your creative writing skills has inspired me to get my own web site now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a good example of it.

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  4. Hi the info on this site is just incredible it keeps me coming back time and time again ,personally i met my wife using this site so i couldnt like it any more i have done my best to to word out about this site as i feel that others need to read this thing ,Thanks for all the time you take in making this brilliant blog ! ok,cheers Julie

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  5. Amazingly, your piece goes to the heart of the topic. Your clarity leaves me wanting to know more. Just so you know, i’ll immediately grab your feed to keep up currently with your online blog. Sounding Out thanks is merely my little way of claiming what a masterpiece for a fantastic resource. Take On my best wishes for your subsequent publish.

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  6. I am impressed about Your language ability. I and my wife have been all of our lives interested in languages. In addition to Finnish, I speak, Swedish, English, Spanish, and French. I have some knowledge of German, but not enough to write in it. Last autumn we both started to learn Portuguese. It is very near to Spanish, but translations of my posts still require a lot of work to me. I know that there are a lot of mistakes, but by doing is learning. My wife speaks German quite well, because she has trained it during twenty years. He keeps her German skills updated, by reading “Freizeit Revue” weekly filling the crossword puzzles from it. She ordered it about five years ago. She can also express herself in Russia.

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    • It’s a great pleasure for me to get into contact with people interested in languages. Unfortunately I don’t no any Finnish but Im aware that’s a most difficult language. Here in Switzerland we’ve 4 national language- German (high German and our dialect which is a must) French, Italian and Romantsch. I also understand Spanish quite well. The language I like best is French! I’ve studied some Russian when I was young but I’ve forgotten everything, I’m afraid. I very much hope that we can build up an interesting relationship by exchanging our ideas. Many thanks for your thoughts. Bye Martina


  7. Hi. I would like to know from which newspaper have you taken the article in which Max Frisch speaks about Alfred Andersch. I’m writing an important dossier about him and your answer could be really useful !
    Good evening

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  8. It’s wonderful that you are into languages. While I struggle with languages I listen to a lot of music in other languages. I especially like Polish and Italian music, but I’ll listen to almost anything that’s good. My wife and daughter are multilingual — English, Spanish, Italian, French, Old Norse, Icelandic and now they are studying Basque.

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    • Good morning Timothy, it’s a real pleasure to read from somebody who struggles with languages but seems to like them all the same, but probably you can’t do othewise with such a family! I know that Icelandic is difficult but I don’t know anything about Old Norse or Basque. Do they do this out of sheer pleasure or because of professional reasons? Anyway, I wish you all a nice Sunday. Best regards Martina

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      • Mostly out of interest and pleasure, but they both study Linguistics at the university. Old Norse is to Icelandic as Old English is to English. We lived in Spain for 4 years, so my Spanish got to be OK. I can read Spanish and French pretty well, but I don’t hear very well, so learning to understand spoken languages is really difficult. I have trouble understanding a lot of English speakers.

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      • Good morning, So you made an interesting experience in Spain? I do unterstand, but cannot speak it! In sitzerland we have only four national languages- German, French, Italian and Romantsch.
        It’s a bad handicap not hearing very well. As I am getting older, I can already feel this a little bit.

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    • Dear Kah, I’ve seen that my answer with which I thanked you for your kind tought and where I made my best wishes to the winner as well as to the nominees doesn’t doesn’t show in my comments, so I rewrite them here. By the way, do I get informed who the winner is? Thanks in advance and all the best.:)

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      • Dear Martina, you’re welcome and I’m happy to know that you’re sharing your loves to other awesome bloggers. Based on the rule from the blogger who nominated me, there is no winner as it is kinda like a method to make new friends and introduce new lovely bloggers to new connections. Thanks for your lovely comment and effort in sharing positive thoughts in the blogosphere.. Enjoy sharing… 🙂

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  9. Nature is all we have, even within us if it has to flower, it must be taken care of. It is lovely to be here at last, you know i came here before but i guess got intimidated by german(is it?) so tried again and probably got it right this time 🙂

    Thank you, it was very heartfelt to receive your text on Road to Nara, thank you Martina

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    • I thank you very much, Narayan, for your very special words and that you tried twice to come to grips with my languages!!:) In fact, I write in German and Italian, two of the four languages we have in Switzerland and English.
      It seems that every day I become more aware of the value and importance of nature and its positive effects within us !
      These days I am also trying to better understand the history of Afghanistan, but it seems very difficult. Maybe Amim Ansary could help me? I very much appreciated your reportage about “Road to Nara”:)
      and wish you all the best on your journeys. Martina


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