Man from the South/E/I

From A2onward/English

As we’re reading in class Roald Dahl’s „COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED TALES“ and more precisely ” Man from the South“, a macabre kind of story, I was wondering whether somebody had made a film of it and to my surprise I saw that Alfred Hichcock did. (See below)

The story is about an addicted gambler, who is trying to convince a young man, who is bragging with his lighter, to make a bet with him. The man from the South promises the boy to give him his Cadillac in case he loses. But what is at stake for he young man if he  loses, or more precisely, if he does not succeed in striking his lighter successfully ten times without missing.

Aren’t you curious to know the ending?

Here some vocabulary:

a cluster of nuts grappolo o un gruppo di persone
a naval training vessel nave della marina
to be ashore essere alla riva
uneven teeth denti irregolari
briskly vivace, forte
bouncing stride cammino rimbalzante
to snipp the ends off tagliare la punta
to be ready to flip the wheel essere pronto per fare girare la ruota
to strike the lighter successfully accendere l’accendino con successo
to cup the hands unire le mani
a chopping knife un coltello usato da macellaio
to bet a car scommettere una macchina


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