As we’re going to see the film ELISABETH I starring Cate Blanchet, Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen, I would like to write a short summary about this important Queen of England. Here is the link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meCoQ2u_oV0

Elisabeth I was born in 1533 and was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn As Elisabeth’s mother was executed approximately two and a half year after her birth, Elisabeth was declared illegitimate. Despite this she became queen after her half-sister Mary I,  during whose reign she had been imprisoned, because of supporting protestant rebels.

Although she had many suitors, among them Henry II of Spain, she managed to remain unmarried and was sometimes called the Virgin Queen. Elisabeth feared that the French planned to invade England and put Mary, Queen of Scots, who many considered to be the heir to the English crown, on the throne. Mary made some mistakes. First she married Lord Darnley, who also claimed the English throne and who became unpopular in Scotland.  After Darnley’s murder Mary married Bothwell, who was one of the conspirators of Darnely’s murder. In this way she aroused suspicions of having been party to the murder of her late husband. After Sir Francis Drake had destroyed the Spanish fleet of war ships in Cadiz, Henry II decided to take war to England at last.

On 12 July 1588 the Spanish Armada, set sail for the channel, planning to invade England. A combination of errors, misfortune and an attack of English fire ships, dispersed the Spanish ships and defeated the Armada. The shattered remnants of the big fleet had to return home to Spain.

Here a link to an exercise about Elisabeth and her surrounding which you can correct online: http://www.langedi49.ch/QUEENELISABETHI.htm

These words are in connection with the above mentioned film.

English                                                                         Italian/German

to betray sb. tradire qu. /jd. verraten
to plunge into sth. tuffarsi /in etwas hineinstürzen
to whisper bisbigliare/flüstern
to be ensalved essere schiavo/ versklavt sein
the crowd is cheering la folla applaudisce/die Menge jubelt
to take orders from sb prendere ordini da qu./Befehle entgegennehmen
to perceive a weakness accorgersi di una debolezza/ eine Schwäche wahrnehmen
deed /deeds
atto/gli atti/die Tat/die Taten
to endeavour lo sforzo/Bemühung
to slit the throat tagliare la gola/Die Kehle durchschneiden
an issue il problema/i problemi/ das Problem/die Probleme /Ergebnis
wise adj./wisdom saggio=adj./ la saggezza/weise/die Weisheit/en
a whore una putana/eine Hure
a traitor un traditore/ ein Verräter
to say Grace breve preghiera/Gebet vor dem Essen sagen
to be overwhelmed essere sopraffatto/überwältigt sein
to flatter he Queen fare i complimenti alla regina/ der Königin schmeicheln
dull noioso/langweilig adj.
to be in the grip of fear essere preso dalla paura/Angst haben
the wrath la rabbia/der Zorn

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