Bob Dylan/Mr Tambourine Man/E//D/I

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Word explanations or translations into Italian and German see below.

As we all know that Boy Dylan is celebrating his 70th birthday I‘ve decided to publish „MR. TAMBOURINE MAN“ which he wrote and released for the Byrd’s in 1965. The Byrd’s recording of the song was influential in initiating the musical subgenre of folk rock.The song has been covered by many artists.Bob Dylan’s and the Byrd’s version of the song have appeared in various lists rankingit as the greates song ever.

Here is the link to the song‘s lyrics.

It seems that the narrators describes an early morning after a night without sleep and he is still unable to sleep. Despite being aware of his weariness he is ready to follow Mr. Tambourine Man.

There have been speculations that the song refers to drugs such as LSD . The lines „take me to a trip  upon your magic swirlin ship “ or  „through the smoke rings of my mind“ in particular. make think of such a connection.

See below the link to the song.

to be sleepy aver sonno Schlaf haben
in the jingle jangle il rumore di pezzi di metallo das Klimpern von Metall-stücken
weariness amazes me la stanchezza mi stupisce die Müdigkeit überrascht mich
swirling ship,swirl un batello in turbulenze, turbinare
ein Schiff in bewegtem Wasser, herumwirbeln
to  have a firm grip on sth./to lose your grip tenere fermo qc./perde controllo
etwas festhalten/ eine Situation nicht mehr im Griff haben.
numb toes dita dei piedi che non si sentono Zehen, die man nicht fühlt
to fade perdere colore farblos werden
a spell un momento/magico ein Moment/Zauber
a fence una siepe ein Zaun
a ragged clown un pagliaccio in  vestiti da stracci   ein Clowns in kaputten Kleidern
smoke rings anelli da fumo Rauchringe
it’s foggy è nebbioso es ist neblig
to be haunted essere perseguitato verfolgt werden
beneath sth. sotto qc. unter etwas
fate driven condotto dal destino vom Schicksal getrieben

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