Bloom’s taxonomy and reflective thinking

What is important when I study? Was ist wichtig, wenn ich lerne? Cosa è importante quando studio?


Wortschatz zum Thema Taxonomie der Lernziele innerhalb des kognitiven Bereichs (Wissen und intellektuelle Fähigkeiten) auf Deutsch, Italienisch  und Englisch findet ihr in den Pyramiden und in den unten stehenden Fragen.

Vocabolario concernente  la tassonomia degli obiettivi educativi secondo Bloom oppure la classificazione dei livelli del comportamento intelletuale nello studio in italiano, tedesco e inglese trovate nelle piramidi e nelle domande qui di sotto.

It was Benjamin Bloom (1956) and a committee of educators who developed a classification of levels of intellectual behaviour in learning. I think it may be interesting for teachers, students or for employers. A revised version of taxonomy was created in 2000. Within the cognitive domain, Bloom’s taxonomy identified the six levels  which are also explained in the video here below with the help of a drum

I’ve also created a pyramide with the  translations of the more detailed classification words into German and Italian. Dave Knopp reminds us of the verbs or words that belong into each section:

Here is my pyramid of these verbs with German and Italian translations.

Questions concerning the six levels:

remembering: What did the teacher say? Was hat der Lehrer gesagt? Che cosa ha detto l’insegnante?

understanding: What was important to me about what he said? Was war wichtig für mich in dem, was er sagte? Che cosa è stato importante in quello che ha detto?

applying: What did I learn from him? Was habe ich von ihm gelernt? Che cosa ho imparato da lui?

analyzing: Why did I write down what he said? Warum habe ich aufgeschrieben, was er sagte? Perché ho preso nota di quello che ha detto?

creating: What should I do next? Was sollte ich als nächstes tun? Quale passo dovrei fare prossimamente?

evaluation: How can I improve my way of learning? Wie kann ich meine Lernweise verbessern? Come posso migliorare il mio modo di studiare?

Last but certainly not least I would like to recommend you  the prezi about reflexive learning by Peter Pappas in which he

reminds us in various ways of the importance of the six levels.

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