Aesop’s Fables for English learners + Deutschlerner/E/D

Aesop or Esop who lived approximately 620-584 BC was a Greek writer and a number of popular fables are attributed to him. His existence remains, however, uncertain and no writings by him have survived. Numerous tales appearing under his name were gathered across the countries and in many languages in a storytelling tradition to this day. In many of the tales, animals speak and have human characteristics and teach us quite a few things.

Sind das unsere Vorfahren?


To English learners I, therefore,  heartily recommend  the following website

that not only  offers such stories but after having them read you can do various  exercises  by filling the missing words into the gaps. There are also listening comprehensions to do.

Hier  könnt ihr “Der Löwe und die Maus” von Aesop mit Wortschatzübersetzungen ins Italienische als Arbeitsblatt herunterladen:AESOP



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