The Khan Academy is an organisation on a mission. They are not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free worldclass education for anyone and anywhere.

I’ve, for example, watched the video about “Why Europe is worried about Greece”. The speaker explains the problems and its consequences by means of modules, charts or designs.

On their website you can find over 3.200 videos on everything from arithmetic to phisics, finance, medicine and history and you can do hundreds of skills to pratice . There are often transcripts and subtitles and, if not, you can add them yourself in many different languages!

This is the link to the video about THE FRENCH REVOLUTION – part 1  I’ve added the subtitles in German for parts 1-4 but there are also subtitles such as  Spanish, Japanese,Croatian, Polish and English, of course.–part-1?v=BDWqwcTtZa0

Everybody can contribute:


Hier ist mein Video “ZU BERLIN”, auf  universalsubtitles/amara, das ich mit Untertiteln versehen habe. Mein erster Versuch und nicht ganz perfekt!( Es heisst z.B. den Touristen im Akkusativ.)Ich untertitle auch Videos für die Khan Academy.

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