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This article is in English/Dieser Beitrag ist auch auf Deutsch e italiano.

 I’ve  by chance come across a video about eco-gardeners in Shanghai who are being helped by the British Council and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). The project involves 7 countries in the East Asia British Council networks. (

As I’ve just published an article about “MY GARDEN” which is about the importance of the garden worldwide and felt that I  had to add this film which tackles the very current problems of how to reduce smog, heat or the consumption of energy , especially in China but certainly not only.

Besides, to take care of a plot of earth, grow organic vegetable and collect rainwater or use purified wastewater to irrigate the plants can also give satisfaction to people and make them live in a healthier way.

So, let’s hope that this new business model on megacity’s house roofs will turn it into a green city and will make the Chinese themselves and all the others again conscious of the importance  of a garden, gardening and fresh food! Can you think of other measures that should be taken in order to improve the quality of the air and consequently of life in this city and in other places?

Shanghai through my eyes! Shanghai durch meine Augen/Shanghai attraverso i miei occhi!

Pudong through my eyes

Last but not least I would also like to add a quotation from Othello by Shakespeare :

Our bodies are our gardens, to the which
our wills are gardeners: so that if we will plant
nettles, or sow lettuce […] either to have it sterile
with idleness, or manured with industry, why,
the power and corrigible authority of this lies in our wills.

Wo es Insekten hat, verwendet man weniger chemische Mittel!! Where there are insects, less chemical products are used!! Dove ci sono insetti meno prodotti chimici vengono usati!!


Ich bin zufällig auf ein Video über eco-Gärtner in Shanghai gestossen, denen von British Council und Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) geholfen wird. Das Projekt involviert 7 Länder in  “East Asia British Council Networks”. (

Da ich soeben einen Artikel mit dem deutschen Titel “Mein Garten” publiziert habe, in welchem ich mich mit der Wichtigkeit des Gartens weltweit beschäftigt habe, dachte ich, dass ich diesen Film, der sich mit den sehr aktuellen Problemen beschäftigt, wie z.B. wie wir den Smog reduzieren könnten, der Klimaüberhitzung oder  dem Energiekonsum, hier beifügen sollte.

Übrigens, sich um ein Stück Erde kümmern, um organisches Gemüse anzubauen und Regenwasser sammeln oder gereinigtes Abwasser und damit die Pflanzen bewässern, kann den Menschen auch eine Zufriedenheit geben und lässt sie gesünder leben.

Also, hoffen wir, dass dieses neue Geschäftsmodell auf den Hausdächern der Megastadt, diese in eine grüne Stadt verwandeln wird und die Chinesen selbst, wie auch all die anderen sich wieder bewusst werden, wie wichtig der Garten, das Gärtnern oder frische Kost ist!

Welche weiteren Massnahmen müssten hier und anderorts ergriffen werden, um eine Verbesserung der Luftqualität und als Konsequenz der Lebensqualität zu erreichen?

Idleness or start gardening to improve our quality of life! Il nostro corpo è un giardino e la nostra volontà il giardiniere!

Zum Schluss ein Zitat von Shakespeare aus Othello:

Unser Körper ist ein Garten und unser Wille der Gärtner,
so daß, ob wir Nesseln drin pflanzen wollen oder Salat bauen,
Ysop aufziehn oder Thymian ausjäten,
ihn dürftig mit einerlei Kraut besetzen
oder mit mancherlei Gewächs aussaugen,
ihn müßig verwildern lassen oder fleißig in Zucht halten
– ei, das Vermögen dazu und die bessernde Macht
liegt durchaus in unserm freien Willen.


Per caso ho visto un video su eco-giardinieri a Shanghai che sono aiutati sia da British Council a Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).(

Il progetto coinvolge 7 paesi in „East Asia British Council networks“. Visto che ho appena pubblicato un articolo con il titolo  „Mein Garten/My garden „ oppure  „Il mio giardino“ in italiano  nel quale mi occupo dell’importanza del giardino ho pensato  di aggiungere questo film che tocca il problema molto attuale di come ridurre lo  smog, il  caldo oppure il consumo di energia, specialmente in Cina, ma certamente non solo.

Inoltre, prendersi cura di un pezzo di terra, far crescere verdura organica e raccogliere acqua piovana oppure usare acqua  di scarico pulita per irrigare le piante può anche dare soddisfazione  alla gente e farla vivere in un modo più sano. Allora, speriamo che questo nuovo modello di commercio sui tetti delle case nella megacity, la trasformerà in una città verde e renderà i cinesi stessi e tutti gli altri  di nuovo coscienti dell’importanza del giardino, giardinaggio e cibo fresco!

Quali altre misure dovrebbero essere prese per migliorare la qualità dell’aria e come conseguenza della vita qui e in altri luoghi?


Ultimo, ma non per importanza una citazione di

William Shakespeare, Otello, 1604

Il nostro corpo è un giardino di cui è giardiniere la nostra volontà.

Link to MY GARDEN article:

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Arbeitsblatt/worksheet/foglio di lavoro:Gardening

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  1. This Eco Green, Rooftop model is such an excellent idea to cope with contamination and climate change. We need more of these ideas that could totally tackle issues that concern all of us, in general terms and some people specifically. Lack of food and resources is a real fact and we need to create new ways to get them… easier ways, available for everyone.
    Innovative ways to use solar or eolic energy are a great idea that came up recently and could totally change our perspective as to energy, its use … and woefully its abuse.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting post and for raising awareness, cara amica.
    Love & best wishes ❤


    • You know, dear Aquileana, the argument of how we can improve our ecological situation in my small world as well as globally ,seems to become, to me, the most important topic. Agriculture has to change fondamentally and we, especially in the Western world, we have to learn to live with less and especially squander much less! I thank you very much, dear friend, for your interests in this topic. Love & best wishes:)

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