Tom Jones/Locarno

Vor einigen Tagen besuchte ich mit meiner Schwester das Konzert von Tom Jones in Locarno und war seit langem wieder einmal total begeistert von einer Darbietung auf der Piazza Grande! Der 76ig jährige Superstar hat uns Zuschauer trotz seines Alters mit seiner Stimme, noch immer wie ein Fels in der Brandung, seinen vielseitigen Songs und seinem Charisma, seiner Gegenwart verzaubert. Nicht nur Green, Green Grass of Home (, Delilah oder Sex Bomb, sondern auch A Soul of a Man, Run On oder Bruning Hell gehörten zu seinem Repertoire.



Some days ago, on a very warm summer’s day, I was lucky enough to attend this extra class concert by Tom Jones together with my sister in Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland. Despite the singer’s age, he is now in fact about 76 years old, his voice is still like a rock and he has succeeded in showing and giving us his soul! I also like the Elvis Presley song:

Die Bildqualität meines Videos mit “Come along little children” ist nicht so gut, aber ich finde der Ton ist es! The quality of my video is not so good, but I think the sound is.La qualità del mio video non è molto buono, ma credo il suono non è male!

IMG_0715Alcuni giorni fa ho avuto la fortuna di assistere a questo concerto magico con un Tom Jones strepitoso sulla Piazza Grande a Locarno. L’artista con una carriera cinquantenne dietro di se e adesso, 76 enne possiede sempre una voce come una roccia! Quella sera egli ci ha fatto vedere e ci ha regalato la sua anima! “A Tower of Songs” è pure stupendo:

Lyrics: to “A Tower of Songs”

Viel Spass mit dieser Musik!/Enjoy this music!/Buon divertimento con questa musica!

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    • Ich habe nicht gewusst, dass er diesen Übernamen hat, der jedoch ausgezeichnet passt, wenn man bedenkt, dass viele Menschen in diesem Alter schon grosse Gesundheitsprobleme haben. Ich danke dir für deinen Beitrag. L.G.

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    • I am very pleased to read that you, too were enthusiastic about the power these two artists still have. By the way,many years ago, I also a saw Peter Gabriel in Locarno! In the book ” The Artist’s way, I have just read a quote by Duke Ellington, which goes as follows: “I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.” And Louis Pasteur wrote: “Did you ever observe to whom the accidents happen? Chance favours only the prepaired mind.”- Life is what WE make of it!!:) Thank you very much, Otto, for your made observations.

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