A Christmas Carol/Charles Dickens/E/D/I

Wortschatzübersetzung auf Deutsch, siehe hier unten/traduzione di vocabolario in italiano vedi sotto

As Christmas is approaching some of my students want to tackle this beautiful story by Charles Dickens. The vocabulary is always very rich in his books, so I give you some help/translation for the first pages of the book:
For the summary of this touching and important story about GREED just scroll down!

DISCUSSION: Is money more important or human relationships?

3. Power Point presentation with questions regarding the story.

the undertakerder Leichenbestatterimpresario di pompe funebri
the clergymander Geistlicheil pastore anglicano
the mournerder Trauerndechi è in lutto
to squeezeauspressenspremere
to clutch to scrape moneyto grasp moneyfesthalten  Geld anhäufenafferrare  ammucchiare soldi
solitary as an oystereinsam wie eine Austersolo come un pesce
to be wrenchingjemand der sich renkt und windetqu. che distorce o altera
to be self-containeddistanziertche vive solo per conto suo
the country is done forerledigt seinessere a terra
the wisdom/wisedie Weisheit/weisela saggezza/saggio
as dead as a door nailso tot, wie ein Nagelmorto come un chiodo stecchito
to shrivelschrumpfenavvizzire, contrarsi
a stiffened  gaitein steifer Ganguna deambulazione irrigidita
wiry chindrahtiges Gesichtfaccia matallica
to ice the officedas Büro vereisentrasformare l’ufficio in ghiaccio
to thawauftauenscongelare
hail and sleet pelting rainHagel und Matsch prasselnder Regengrandine e neve bagnata pioggia intensa
no beggar will implore you to bestow sth.on himkein Bettler wird dich um eine milde Gage bittenNessun mendicante ti chiederà per un elemosina
the dog wags the tailder Hund wedelt mit dem Schwanzil cane codenzola
people wheezing up and down (the street)die Leute, die die Strasse rauf und runter ranntengente correndo su e giù
flaring candlesleuchtende Kerzencandele illuminante
What reason do you have to be morose?Was hast du für einen Grund, um so missmutig zu sein?Che motivo hai per essere così scorbutico?
to be buried with a stake of holly through his heart.beerdigt werden mit einem Stechpalmenast durch sein Herzessere sepolto con un ramo d’agrifoglio attraverso il cuore
it’s a time to open shut-up heartses ist die Zeit, in der man Herzen öffnetE’ il periodo per aprire i cuori chiusi
to keep an eye on sb.Workshheet:Christmas Carol (please download!)
jd. überwachensorvegliare qu.


SUMMARY :Ebeneezer Scrooge’s partner Marley is as dead as a door nail, that’s for sure and Scrooge the old miser is in his counting-house not wanting to have anything to do with Christmas. As usual his employee, Bob Cratchit,is very cold because his employer doesn’t want to spend money on coal. His nephew, Fred, comes to pay his uncle a visit and to wish him merry Christmas and to invite him to his home for Christmas dinner.  In answer to this Scrooge is morose  and only spits out angrily „Bah! Humbug!

He behaves in the same way towards  two portly gentlemen who drop by to ask in order to ask for some money or help for the poor. In the evening  Scrooge takes his melancholy dinner in his usual melancholy tavern, reads his newspapers and then goes to his gloomy rooms and to bed. When he puts his key in the knocker, this turns into Marley’s face. In the room there is a fire in the grate and spoon and basin are ready, but he can’t see anybody. Everything is very strange when suddenly the bell begins to ring and Marley’s enchained ghost leaps up and tells or warns Scrooge that he is  continuously forced  and punished to wander around the world to share what he didn’t share with the others but could have  shared. Scrooge is informed that he has one last chance to escape the same fate and that therefore three spirits will appear.

I very much hope that this story will help you to show the right way to go!/Ich hoffe sehr, dass euch diese Geschichte helfen wird den richtigen Weg zu finden!/Spero tanto che questa storia vi aiuterà a trovare la giusta strada da prendere nella vita!

The first Ghost represents Christmas Past. The strange phantom looks like a child but also like an old man diminished to a child’s proportions. It takes Scrooge back to the Christmases of his childhood school days, where he meets a lonely child, to  his days as an apprentice at the jolly and generous merchant Fezziwig and his engagement with Bell, who left him because he became too absorbed in money and unable to love. Scrooge is very touched by what he sees and sheds tears of regrets.

Scrooge is lying in bed when the bells toll one. He is expecting the second Ghost of Christmas Present. He gets up softly and shuffles to the door and the moment his hand is on the lock he hears a strange voice calling him by his name. He enters the room which has undergone complete transformation and  is full of delicious food and green leaves.

The Ghost of the Present is clothed in one simple deep green robe, bordered with a white fur. Scrooge is being taken to the Cratchit family so he can see how it prepares a miniature feast in the simple house and he also discovers the crippled son, Tiny Tim. This boy is very courageous, kind  and humble and warms Scrooge’s heart. and he wants to know whether the boy is going to live.

The Spirit then takes Scrooge also to his nephew’s family or their Christmas celebration which  includs singing and playing games such as blind-man’s buff. He is so delighted by what he sees that he wants to stay until the end.  As the day passes the spirit is getting older and towards the end of the day he shows Scrooge two starving children. The boy is Ignorance and the girl is Want!

The Ghost of Christmas yet to come takes Scrooge through a sequence of strange scenes concerning an unnamed man’s death. The latter sees a businessman speaking about the riches of the death man and some vagabonds are selling his personal things. One couple even expresses happiness about the man’s death because now they don’t have to pay back a debt. The Ghost takes him to the churchyard where he sees his own name on the tombstone and is really shocked. He pleads with the Ghost to give him another chance and that he will change his stingy ways, his indifference towards others and celebrate Christmas.

He then wakes up in his bed.He looks out of the window and is informed that it is Christmas  and because this answer makes him so happy that he  asks a boy to go and buy the biggest turkey available at the Poulterer’s. He sends it then to the Cratchit house and attends Fred’s Christmas celebration. Tiny Tim doesn’t die and he treats him as if were his son, gives generous gifts to the poor and treats the other human beings with kindness and understanding.

Please watch the full length of the drama :

And the following link leads you to the reading / audio or  part  of  stave I of the story.



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