Deses Jahr möchte ich euch einige wichtige Kunstdenkmäler aus verschiedenen Ländern mittels meiner Fotos, Beschreibungen , Fragen oder Quiz, sei es auf Deutsch wie auf English/italiano vorstellen. Es soll sozusagen eine interdisiplinäre Arbeit werden, die ich mit der Zeit auch erweitern will, sofern ich Zeit finde und jemand interessiert ist. In der Klasse könnten die Lernenden darüber sprechen, warum sie lieber an den einen Ort, anstatt an einen anderen gehen würden. Versucht auch selbst mehr herauszufinden über die verschiedenen Kunstdenkmäler.

Saint Chapelle/PARIS
Sainte Chapelle/PARIS gehört zu den schönsten Bauwerken der Gotik.


Quest’anno vorrei presentarvi alcuni monumenti culturali  importani che ho visto in diversi paesi, tramite foto, testi, domande o anche quiz. Vorrei farvi fare un piccolo lavoro interdisciplinare sia in tedesco che inglese. Spero di potervi motivare di andare a visitare qualcuno o qualche paese straniero . Col tempo vorrei ampliare il lavoro in questo senso, se trovo il tempo.(Traducete dall’italiano in tedesco oppure in inglese.)

Si potrebbe anche discutere sul perché piuttosto vedere un luogo invece di un altro. Cercate anche voi stessi di trovare ulteriori informazioni in merito ai monumenti indicati.

This year I would like to present you some important cultural monuments which I’ve seen in the hope to motivate you, too, to go and visit them. I’m going to show you pictures, texts with some questions and also a quiz and it’s intended to be an interdisciplinary work in German, English and Italian. I would like to slowly  add some more articles in this sense, if I find the time and if you should be interested in this. In class students could also discuss why they would rather visit one place instead of another. Try to find more information on the monuments shown here.


Unjumble the words in bold letters.

The Alhambra is located on a strategic point, with a view over the whole city of Granada/Andalucia and the a) wodaem (la Vega), and this fact leads to believe that other buildings were already on that side before the Moslems arrived. I have, however, to say that this castle with its great gardens and fountains or its b) strapmar belong to the most beautiful cultural sights I’ve ever seen. I would like to mention „Il Patio de los leones“ The first historical documents c)nwonk about the Alhambra date from the 9th century.

It was only after the fall of Cordoba, in 1236, that the centre of Moorish power was transferred to d) adanarG – bringing a massive influx of nobles, architects and money which led to the construction of a fabulous new castle on the hill across the river valley. It seems that the e) dirsaN Dynasty founded this castle in order to avoid persecution by Ferdinando III of Castile and his Reconquista. Yusuf I (1333-1353) and Mohammed V (1353-1391) are responsible for most of the constructions we can still admire today.

In 1492 Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinando of Aragon concluded the  Catholic Reconquista in the victory over the battle of Granada.

Does this date remind you of another very important event? I would like to get a comment on this!!

We know that the Catholic Monarch  http://www.andalucia.com/cities/granada/alhamhistory.htm f) selrahC V ordered the demolition of a part of the complex in order to build his palace which is nearby and which looks horrible and bulky in comparison, at least, according to me.


Audio zum Text:SMOLNY (hier klicken bitte)

Das SMOLNY Kloster wurde von Zarin Elisabeth I als Altersruhesitz geplant und von dem italienischen Baumeister Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli erbaut. Elisabeth starb jedoch, bevor das Kloster fertiggestellt war. Katharina II. ließ hier eine höhere Bildungsanstalt für Mädchen einrichten, setzte den Bau der Anlage aber nicht fort. Dies geschah erst 70Jahre später unter dem Baumeister Wassili Petrowitsch Stassow.

Nachdem die Zahl der Schülerinnen gestiegen war, wurde auf dem Gelände des Klosters auch das Smolny-Institut errichtet, um die älteren Mädchen aufzunehmen. Besonders bekannt wurde das Gelände  1917, als es dem Arbeiter- und Soldatenrat als Tagungsort diente. Hier wurde die Oktoberrevolution geplant, und nach der Revolution war hier der Regierungssitz der Sowjetunion.

In welcher Stadt steht diese Anlage?

planen/progettare/project(Infinitiv)wurde geplant/venne progettato/was planed –(Passiv)
erbauen/costruire/build(Infinitv) wurde erbaut/venne costruito/was built– (Passiv)
sterben/morire/die-(Infinitv) starb/è morta/died-(Prät./passato prossimo/simple past
fertig stellen/finire/finish-(Infinitiv)wurde fertiggestellt/ è stato terminata/was finished (Passiv)
etwas einrichten lassen/far costituire/to found sth. (Infinitiv) sie liess etwas einrichten/lei ha fatto costituire q.c./she has founded sth. (Vergangenheit/Perfekt)
bekannt werden/diventare famoso/become known(Infinitiv)wurde bekannt/è diventata famoso/became known

The Hermitage

Substitute the words in bold letters with another word of the same meaning:

Is in a 1)magnificent palace from which tsars ruled Russia for one-and-a halve centruies. The Hermitage is one of the world’s 2)greatest museums. You can be 3)absorbed for days by its treasures.

The present baroque/rococo Winter Palace was commissioned from Rastrelli (Italian architect naturalized Russian) in 1754 by the Empress Elisabeth. Katharina the Great and her successors had most of the interior4) remodelled in classical style by 1837. After having been destroyed by a fire it was restored almost identically. It remained the imperial home until 1917. The Tsar  Nicholas II was deposed and replaced by a provisional government in the first revolution of February of that year.

Out of six buildings of the main museum complex, four, namely the Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage and New Hermitage, are partially open to the public. The other two are Hermitage Theatre and the Reserve House. The entrance ticket for foreign tourists costs 5)several times as much as the fee paid by Russian citizens. However, the entrance

is free of charge the first Thursday of every month for all visitors and daily for students and children. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Possible answers:


2)greatest/here also most important

3)absorbed/to get gripped by


5)several times as much/many times as much

Listen to the text Anne Boleyn (click here please)

Fill the missing words into the gaps

Anne Boleyn, was the second 1………. of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elisabeth I and  she grew up in  the Hever castle near Edenbridge, (which is tucked away)  in the beautiful green 2………………countryside. Anne Boleyn war arrested on 2nd May 1536 and accused of  3……………….., treason and incest and executed only a few days later in the Tower of London. Kent is also referred to as the garden of England and is situated approximately 30 miles south east of London. We travelled by car to Kent on its 4…………. streets  which were completely enveloped by trees.  The castle  and especially the gate house is exeptional  because it is still the same as when it was  5……………. by William de Hever in 1270.

Anne Boleyn was executed on 2nd May 1536 in the Tower of London.
Anne Boleyn was arrested on 2nd May 1536 and later executed in the Tower of London.








Diverse Schlösser034


Essa viene chiamata anche Chiesa del Sangue. E’ l’unico stabile nel centro di San Pietroburgo che non è costruita orientandosi ai stili archittetonici classicistici italiani . La Cattedrale  è quindi abbastanza cospicua e venne costruita tra il 1883-1912. La stessa venne costruita esattamente al luogo dove venne ucciso lo Zar Alessandro II, malgrado le sue riforme.

La cattedrale venne gravemente danneggiato nel 1940 durante l’assedio di Leningrado. Gli artigiani che hanno cominciato nel 1970 con il ristauro della stessa sono riusciti a ricuperare i famosi campanili a bulbo e i mosaici.

E’ stata inaugurata per il centenario della vittoria su Napoleone Buonaparte e in ricordo alla 3ooennaria dinastia dei Romanov.

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