As I’m quite sure that you are yearning to study some grammar, I ‘ve decided to write sentences with

-a)verbs followed by –ing and noun;

-b)verbs followed by –ing or noun or a that-clause;

-c) verbs followed by –ing or infinitive;

-d)verbs followed by the infinitve

Worksheet: Verbs followed by ing+infintiv/that with animals

I’ve therefore developed the following worksheet which I printed and distributed  to my learners.

I’ve  also printed  a sheet in colour and  cut out the sentences as well as the pictures indicated here below and  put them on a pile. Now I made my students, one after the other, pick up a card and they had to put  them on the right place on the worksheet. While arranging the cards we als made questions and negative sentences in order to remember the verbs and their construction better and I also made them explain the differences between, for example, I forgot buying the milk(past situation) or don’t forget to buy the milk (futur action).

I’m afraid that those people who are trying to improve their English will have to study these kinds of contructions!!

ing + noun The pigeon avoids flying away.The pigeon avoids cats.
ing,noun+ thatThe pigeon has considered flying away.The pigeon considered that the cat was after it.The pigeon considered the cat.
pigeon/s (pl.)
ing or infinitive The pigeonloves sitting/to sit on theperch/rail. infinitive The pigeon chooses to sit on the perch/rail.
The crab keeps trying to escape The crab imagines that it could be caught.It imagines beingcaught.
crab/s (pl.) The crab attempts to escape/attempts escaping The crabmanages to escape.
I can’t stand barking/ dogs. The man reports a violent dog. He reports that a dog is barking.He reports a dog.
The lady can’t bear barking. I can’t bear to listen to dog barking.
The lady loves to look after dogs.
He pretends to love dogs.
The seals enjoy lying on the warm stone.The seals enjoythe sun.
I recollect having seen many seals in Australia. I recollect that there were…….. SEAL/SEALS (pl.) I intend to go/going to the zoo to see the seals. The seal appears to be happy on the

warm stone.

It’s really worth- while having an ox in certain countries. An ox is worth a fortune.

The farmer suggested buying an ox. I suggested that we bought an ox.The farmer suggests an ox.
ox/oxen (pl.) The ox stopped working. (didn’t work anymore)The ox stopped to drink some water. The ox refused to work.
The sheep avoids strangers. It avoids shearing.
The journalist denied that he had seen a bear hunting a sheep.He denied seeing a bear. He denied the fact.
sheep The farmer continued shearing his sheep. He continued to shear his sheep. The shepherd failed to look well after

his sheep.

My parrot practises German.My parrot practises speaking. My friends admitted buying a parrot. My friend  admitted  that he bought a parrot.He admitted the deal.
parrot/s (pl.) My friend regrets buying a parrot. I regret to tell you that I don’t like your parrot. Due to the fact that parrots are very expensive I have
to admit that I can’t afford to buy one.
We miss going to the zoo.We miss the zoo. We imagined that we would see kangoroos when we were in Australia. kangaroo/s (pl.) I remember seeing kangaroos in Australia. Remember to look for kangaroos when you are in Australia. I happened to see a kangaroo with

the joey in her pouch.

Do you enjoy eating fish? I recollect  eating fish. I recollect that I had seen very strange fish.I recollect the fact. fish Don’t forget to eat fish when you are in Italy!I won’t  forgeteating fish when I was  in Italy. My husband is prepared to prepare fish for supper.

Click on this link: and you can also do a drag & drop exercise concerning these verbs.

I have also found the following website which may be of interest:

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