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The following post is in English with vocabulary explanation in English, German and Italian.

Dr folgende Post ist auf Deutsch mit Worschatzerklärungen auf Englisch, Deutsch und Italienisch.

Il seguente articolo è in inglese con spiegazione di vocaboli in italiano, tedesco e inglese.

I know that you’ve all heard about the terrible earthquake by which Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island New  Zealand, was struck (explanations of how to use this word see below) on 22 February  2011 and that due to this catastrophe many people died and  many buildings were destroyed. Some parts of the city still seem to be without drinking water or electricity. Christchurch is a very nice city and has approximately 350’000 inhabitants. There are beautiful parks and excellent schools and the cosy tramway usually takes you on a sightseeing tour around the city.

Unfortunately, the very famous ChristChurch Cathedral, which was built in the 19th century and  finished in 1904 has been very  badly damaged. Its spire which reached 63 metres above Cathedral Square  is in ruins and left only the lower tower standing.  The  many buildings nearby are also ruined. The cathedral is in the centre of the city and is surrounded by Cathedral Square. The tower had offered a good view over the centre. The cathedral also had a very impressive organ. I only hope that it still exists.

Last but not least the cathedral used to be the best known and most visited building in New Zealand!

What’s the name of the capital city of New Zealand?

I’m sorry for all this and wish you good luck!

Hier noch ein Link zu einem Artikel auf Deutsch



You can also do a drag & drop exercise with audio about the word “strike” – drag the part of the sentence from the right to the left: (Please copy link into the browser.) and a photoquiz:

Listen to the sentences with strike:strike

ABOUT STRIKE                                   EXPLANATIONS Deutsch/italiano

verb: present tense-strike/past tense-struck/past participle-struckpassiv: to be struck passive past:Christchurch was struck by the earthquakeactive:to hit sb. or sth.passive:to be hit by sth.passive past:Christchurch was hit by the earthquake.In diesem Sinn heisst das Wort erschüttern.Christchurch wurde von einem Erbeben erschüttert.In italiano si può colpire in questo senso. Christchurch venne colpito da un terremoto. (passivo)
The old oak tree was once struck by a lightning.The tree was  once hit by a lightning.Die alte Eiche wurde einst vom Blitz getroffen.La vecchia quercia venne colpita una volta dal fulmine.
To be on strike.To lay down the work.streikenscioperare
To strike a match.To light a match.Ein Zündholz anzünden.Accendere un fiammifero.
The  church clock strikes six o’clock.When the bells sound a certain number of times to show what time it is.Die Kirchenuhr läutet sechs Uhr. Le campane suonano le sei.
The funny side of the story struck me.I suddenly realized that the story had  funny side.Ich realisierte plötzlich, dass die Geschichte eine lustige Seite hatte.Ho realizzato il lato comico della storia.
The criticism struck home.The criticism was understood.Die Kritik kam an.La critica venne capita.
The word “cancer” still strikes terror.The word “cancer” still makes us afraid.Das Wort “Krebs” macht uns  immer noch sehr Angst.La parola “cancro”ci preoccupa sempre molto.
To strike the decisive blow.To make the decisive blow.Den entscheidenden Schlag lancieren.Assestare il colpo finale.
Obama’s angry speech struck a deep chord with his audience.Obama’s audience had sympathy with his angry speech .Obama’s Zuhörer hatten Verständnis für seine wütenden Worte.Gli spettatori di Obama hanno avuto comprensione per le sue parole piene di rabbia.
The article struck a happy /sad note.The article expressed a certain feeling.Der Artikel hatte einen glücklichen/traurigen Unterton.L’articolo ha espresso felicità/tristezza.

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