Zuerst möchte ich euch aus dem Kapitel “Das Lied von der Einsamkeit” betreffend den oben erwähnten Roman, vorlesen.

Das Lied von der Einsamkeit

Zusammenfassung des Romans auf Deutsch

Um fünf Uhr morgens wird Wachmeister Studer aus dem Schlaf geklingelt. Am Telefon ist der kantonale Polizeidirektor. Aus der Heil-und Pflegeanstalt Randlingen ist ein Insasse namens Pieterlen entflohen und auch der Direktor der Anstalt, Ulrich Borstli, ist verschwunden. In einer halben Stunde, so der Polizeidirektor, werde Studer von einem gewissen Dr. Laduner abgeholt; dieser habe ausdrücklich gewünscht, dass sich Studer persönlich um den Fall kümmern möge. Als der Psychiater erscheint, redet er Studer an, als würde er ihn schon lange kennen, doch der Wachmeister kann sich nicht an ihn erinnern. Auf dem Weg zur Heilanstalt frischt der Arzt das Gedächtnis des Polizisten auf: Laduner war einst Assistent eines fortschrittlichen Pädagogen, der in Wien mit grossem Erfolg ein antiautoritäres Erziehungsmodell für schwierige Jugendliche erprobt hatte. Nun erinnert sich Studer und es kommt ihm eine Szene in den Sinn: Anlässlich einer Ermittlung in Wien betrat er einmal ein halb zerstörtes Zimmer, in dem gerade ein Junge mit einem Messer auf einen anderen losging. Laduner stand beobachtend in der Ecke und rührte keinen Finger. Plötzlich liess der Angreifer seine Waffe fallen und begann loszuheulen wie ein geprügelter Hund. Doch damals in Wien hat Laduner noch nicht das maskenhafte Lächeln getragen mit der er Studer irritiert. Und hockt nicht die Angst in den Augen des Psychiaters?

               Das Leben ist ein Balanceakt und es ist nicht einfach das richtige Mass zu finden!!!

„Matto regiert“ ist stark sozialkritisch und die Armut scheint das Grundübel zu sein das den Einzelnen sowohl ins Verbrechen als auch in die psychische Krankheit treibt. Des Schriftstellers „Matto regiert“ aus dem Jahr 1936 ist auch ein autobiographisch inspirierter Kriminalroman. Ich fand dieses Buch äussert interessant und spannend, obwohl es nicht taufrisch ist! Die Frage, ob jemand normal oder verrückt ist, bleibt jedoch!!

“Warum holte man die Seelen zurück aus dem Reich, in das sie sich geflüchtet hatten, weil

sie nicht mehr zurechtkamen in der Welt, wie sie wirklich war?”

„MATTO REGNA“?/Riassunto

Il telefono dell’ispettore di polizia Studer suona alle ore 5 del mattino. Il direttore di Polizia Cantonale di Berna è al telefono. Dalla clinica psichiatrica di Randlingen è scappato un malato di nome Pieterlen e il direttore dell’istituto, Ulrich Borstli, è pure svanito. Fra una mezz’oretta, dice il direttore della Polizia, arriva un certo dr. Laduner a prenderla ed a portarla sul luogo del delitto. Il dottore ha particolarmente chiesto che l’ispettore Studer si occupasse del caso. Quando arriva il psichiatro egli parla con Studer come se lo conoscesse da tanto tempo, ma l’ispettore non si ricorda. Sul tragitto il dottore verso la clinica il dottor Laduner rinfresca un po’ la memoria di Studer: Laduner è stato nel passato assistente di un pedagogo progressivo che ha lavorato, con grande successo, assieme ad adolescenti problematici in un modello antiautoritario a Vienna. Studer si ricorda adesso e gli viene in mente un episodio: In occasione di un’investigazione a Vienna, Studer è entrato in una camera semi-distrutta, nella quale un giovane con in mano un coltello camminava verso un altro ragazzo. Laduner stava osservando la scena, senza intervenire. Tutt’ un tratto l’aggressore ha lasciato cadere il coltello e piangeva come un cane sbattuto.

L’ispettore aveva però in mente che allora, il dottor Laduner non aveva ancora un sorridere come una maschera che irrita Studer. E’ non c’è neanche una paura negli occhi dello psichiatra???

“Matto regiert” è un giallo socio-critico e la povertà sembra di essere il dilemma di base dell’individuo che lo spinge sia nella criminalità che nella malattia mentale. Lo scrittore Friedrich Glauser ha scritto con questo libro dell’anno 1936 un giallo con tratti autobiografici.Ho trovato molto interessante ed emozionante questo libro, benchè non è l’ultimo titolo pubblicato! La domanda, se qualcuno è normale oppure matto, rimane però!!

Perchè si cercava di riprendere le anime dal regno nel quale si erano rifugiate, perchè non ce lo facevano più nel mondo come era veramente?


“In MATTO’S REALM” Summary

It is five o’clock in the morning when the police inspector Studer was called on the telephone. On the phone is the police director of the Canton. He informs Mr. Studer that the inmate Pieterlen escaped from the asylum Randlingen and its director Ulrich Borstli has also vanished. Studer is informed that a certain doctor Laduner will arrive within the next half an hour and take him to the clinic. Doctor Laduner had especially pronounced the wish that he, Studer, is taking charge of the case. When the psychiatrist arrives, he addresses Studer as if he had known him for a very long time but the police inspector doesn’t remember. On the way to the asylum the doctor helps Studer to recollect. Laduner used to be an assistant of a progressive pedagogue, who tried out, with great success, an anti-authoritarian educational model on adolescents in Vienna. Studer remembers now and a particular scene comes up to his mind: It happened during an investigation in that city that he, Studer, entered a half destroyed room in which there was a young man with a knife in his hand and approached another one. Laduner was then standing in the other corner of the room, observing, but not interfering. Suddenly the aggressor let the weapon fall to the floor and started crying like a beaten dog. However, at that time in Vienna doctor Laduner didn’t have a masklike facial expression yet, which irritated Studer. And isn’t there also fear in the eyes of the psychiatrist?

“Matto regiert” (Craziness reigns?) is very critical of the society and poverty seems to be the main reason of why the individual finishes as a criminal or in a mental illness. Friedrich Glauser’s book from the year 1936 is an autobiographically inspired thriller.

I liked this book very much because it’s interesting and suspense-packed despite the fact that it has not been published these days! The question if somebody is normal or crazy remains however!!

“Why did they retrieve the souls from the reign where they had escaped to, beacause they didn’t come to grips anymore with the world as it really was?”


 To the Swiss writer Friedrich Glauser in English:


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  1. anche tu ami i gialli polizieschi, he? se ti dico una cosa rimarrai stupita, ebbene mi sono fatta un viaggio negli USA a Quanticoper vedere la sede dell’FBI dove veniva registrato il mio serial preferito CRIMINAL MINDs…ha ha pazza? certo, certo, è da un po’ che sto pensando di farci un post!
    interessante la tua sotia
    cia felice giorno

    Liked by 1 person

    • Si, certo, ma Friedrich Glauser è stato internato in manicomi, non perchè era matto, ma perchè era un drogato. Allora era più semplici per i familiari di metterlo via così. Per fortuna c’era poi qualcuno a sostenerlo di modo che ha potuto scrivere il suo libro molto socio-critico.
      Mi figlia ama anche CRIMINAL MIND ed io ho visto il film su Edgar Hoover, direttore del FBI. Sono quindi già molto curiosa del tuo reportage!! Ti ringrazio tanto per le tue parole interessanti. Ti auguro una splendida giornata! Carissimi saluti Martina


    • The writer himself was frequently in psychiatric clinics because they said he was mentally ill but this was at that time much easier to say than to admit a son or daughter was dependent on drugs. Psychiatry was at the beginning of the twentieth century at the beginning and an enormous field for tests. They didn’t know how to calm down patients and in this novel it was doctor Laduner who tried various methods. Electroshocks were the most innocuous ones but there were also insulin therapies or patients were even infected with typhus feever because it was found out that people were much calmer then and could even be dismissed from hospital. Approx 5% of these patients died but their death was accepted. Glauser observed all the procedures and wrote “Matto regiert” about these happenings. Dear Otto, you are certainly right that my summary about this important book was not profound engough and I thank you very much for your observation. The cherry tree in bloom is in Ascona!:)

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    • It’s the story of what is normal and what is crazy and that there are probabily many answers!! The writer himself was put into clinics for mad people, despite the fact that he was just a drug addict. I tried to find the novel Gourrama, which you mention on my kindle in German, but so far invain. I have read a summary and would enjoy to read it together with you. Thank you very much, Mr. Brogido, for having given me the opportunity:) to go back to Friedrich Glauser, a very important Swiss writer.


    • Lieber Wolfgang, ich habe leider mit Schreck und zufällig festgestellt, dass man meine PPS nicht mehr herunterladen konnte und darum habe ich sie erneut auf meinen Blog gezogen. Leider funktionieren auch weitere meiner PPP nicht mehr!!! Vielleicht weisst du was da los ist. Hab vielen Dank für deine Bemerkung und für deine Hilfe.:) Cari saluti Martina


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