Die göttliche Ordnung/The Devine Order

http://www.trustnordisk.com/film/2016-divine-order /(with English subtitles)

Da wir hier in diesen Tagen 35 Grad haben und es einfach zu heiss ist, um irgend etwas körperliches zu tun, gehen wir so oft wie möglich ans Filmfestival in Locarno, wo in klimatisierten Kinos absolut sehenswerte und eindrückliche Filme gezeigt werden und ausserdem eine tolle und entspannte Stimmung herrscht.

Schmiedgasse in Herisau

Das Appenzellerland scheint unberührt zu sein von den sozialen Umbrüchen von 1968. Nora, die Hausfrau und Mutter eigentlich auch bis sie sich wünscht auch einer Arbeit ausser Haus nachzugehen und ihr Mann sagt, dass er das nicht wolle und er das zu entscheiden hätte, nach Gesetz. Nora fängt also an sich für das Stimm-und Wahlrecht in der Schweiz einzusetzen und riskiert, dass ihre Familie in Brüche geht und das ganze Dorfleben aus den Fugen gerät.

Ich fand diesen Film einfach grossartig, weil er kämpferisch, aber auch äusserst humorvoll ist und auch noch um die sexuelle Entwicklung! Ich war noch nie in einem Film, wo man so viel gelacht und geklatscht hat.

Die Schweizerinnen haben circa 100 Jahre gekämpft, bevor sie dieses Wahlrecht auf Bundesebene 1971 bekamen. Ein aktuelles Thema!! Der Kanton Appenzell Innerrhoden wurde vom Bundesgericht am 27.11.1990 gezwungen dieses Recht den Frauen auch auf kommunaler Ebene zu geben!

Dieser Film wurde in Myanmar, wo er im Rahmen des diesjährigen Filmfestivals in Yangon gezeigt wurde, zensiert!


In Appenzell scheint alles märchenhaft zu sein!/Here in Appenzell everything seems to be like in a fairytale!/In appenzello tutto sembra di essere come in una favola!!

As we are suffering due to the heat (35 degrees) here and can’t therefore do many physical exercises, we just continue to attend the great film festival in Locarno, where we can watch amazing films in air-conditioned movie theatres! Besides the films we really enjoy relaxed atmosphere.

In “The Devine Order”the Appenzell canton/region seems to be completely untouched by the 1968 social upheavals and so is the life of Nora, mother and housewife until she tells her husband that she would like to take up work again. He doesn’t agree with her and tells her that the law says that he has to decide in this case. I, personally, remember that we had to study this article in the law lessons! Nora then starts actively to fight for women’s suffrage, which man are due to vote on in a ballot on February 7, 1971. She and her co-fighters risk to ruin their family and peace in the village.

I am enthusiastic about this attacking and humorous film, which speaks about my country and region, where I grew up. I have so far never been in a movie where the audience laughed and clapped hands so much, despite the seriousness. Women fought for almost a 100 years in Switzerland before they had the right to vote. This film also speaks about the sexual development! Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden was forced by the Federal Court to give the women this right also on cantonal level!!!!

Appenzeller Musikerinnen/Musicians in Appenzell/Musiciste appenzellesi

Visto che in questi giorni fa tanto caldo ci rechiamo spesso a Locarno, dove ha luogo il Festival del Film e ci da quindi la stupenda possibilità di attendere a dei meravigliosi film in un clima molto rilassato.

Nel film “L’Ordine Divino”, l’Appenzello sembra di essere completamente fuori dalle rivolte sociali del 1968 e così lo è anche Nora, la donna di casa e madre. Un giorno però egli dice al marito che vorrebbe riprendere a lavorare e lui le chiede, se il lavoro è più importante della sua famiglia e che la legge dice che tocca a lui decidere. Da quel momento comincia a battersi per il voto delle donne. Sono gli uomini che devono decidere il 7.2.1971 su questo argomento!! Mi ricordo personalmente che a scuola abbiamo dovuto studiare anche l’ articolo concernente. Nora e le sue collaboratrici rischiano di distruggere le loro famiglie e la pace del paese.

(con sottotitoli in italiano)

Io sono entusiasta di questo bel film, battagliero e pieno di spirito. Non sono mai stato in un film dove gli spettatori si sono così tanto divertiti, malgrado anche la serietà. Il film tratta anche lo sviluppo sessuale!! Le donne si sono battute quasi per 100 anni prima di ricevere il diritto di voto di Svizzera. Un argomento molto attuale!!!Il Canton Appenzello Interno è stato costretto dalla Corte Federale nel 1990 di dare alle donne il diritto di voto a livello cantonale.

Zu diesem Thema passt auch der Film “Verliebte Feinde”, der von der Frauenrechtlerin Iris Roten und ihrem Ehemann Peter von Roten handelt! Le film “”Amours ennemies” est aussi en relation avec ce sujet et j’inclus le lien de mon article!




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  1. Beautiful post! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your experiences concerning movies. The film festival in Locarno sounds like an excellent option, mainly give those hot days over there… I am a fan of Cinema, although lately I am watching more series and movies on Netflix than on the big screen. It is good, of course and still nothing compares to “the big screen” , right!?… Much love. Abbraccio, cara Martina, buona settimana ⭐

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    • I remember, dear Aquileana, when you spoke very positively about Netflix and gave me a new idea!! I must, however, say that these days at the Locarno film festivals, which belongs to the most exceptional ones worldwide, are really great! I very much appreciate your having taken the time to read my post and would like to thank you with all my heart. Anche a te buona settimana.)

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    • Genau, liebe Suzy, und er zeigt auch, dass man auch bei uns kämpfen muss, um etwas zu erreichen! Da man mit diesem Film sogar einen Oscar bekommen will, hoffe ich schon, dass er auch in Deutschland gezeigt wird, natürlich mit deutschen Untertiteln! Übrigens, das Filmfestival in Locarno ist einfach sensationel.:) Ich danke dir ganz herzlich, dass du dir Zeit genommen hast diesen Vorschlag anzusehen und zu kommentieren. Ich hoffe, dass es dir gut geht und schicke dir cari saluti. Martina

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  2. Seems incredible women in Switzerland gained the vote in 1971, and some as late as 1991!
    Thank you for this piece of information Martina. 🙂

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    • It really seems incredible, but in Switzerland we have a direct democracy. This means we go voting several times a year for matters that concern the whole country and as well for matters that only concern the cantons. This means that the whole population voted to decide whether we wanted to build the longest tunnel worldwide for trains, which was finished last year and in time an the money projected for this project was respected. It a Canton, in the Usa a State decides to build or enlarge a cantonal road the population has again to go to the polls in order to decide! So, now finally, we women also have the right and duty to participate in all these matters!!! I thank you very much for having taken the time to read my post about Switzerland. Ps The winner of the Pardo at the filmfestival locarno was,however, Mrs. Fang by Wang Bing!! Very best regards Martina

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  3. A beautiful post with lovely impressions, Martina. I have been looking out for this highly recommended film in our small cinema on the coast of North Norfolk, but so far we weren’t able to see it. Maybe next year?
    Happy weekend to you from the Cotswolds,
    Dina & co x

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    • Good morning dear Dina, it was a great pleasure for me to read your words and I would like to thank you. I love this film, because it shows in a funny way that even women from the Appenzell can be tough and fight for their rights! Maybe, however, has more problems in making an impact than here in Switzerland. (I think of you sometimes:):):):) )Cari salluti Martina

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  4. Ti trovo per puro caso.
    Trovo giustissimo che tutte le donne della Confederazione abbiano il diritto di voto. Certo che il 1990 è un po’ troppo vicino, però… meglio tardi che mai.
    Buon Pomeriggio.

    P.S.: Non conoscevo il film a cui alludi. Grazie.

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