He seems to have everything he needs! Er scheint alles zu haben, was er benötigt! Quest’uomo sembra di avere tutto quello che gli occorre!

I HEREWITH WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT YOU SOME SENTENCES FROM THE POWERFUL AND FOOLHARDY SHANTARAM BY GREGORY DAVID ROBERTS/ Ich möchte euch einige Sätze aus dem aussergewöhnlich packenden und tollkühnen Buch Shantaram vorstellen./Vorrei presentarvi alcune frasi dal bellissimo, potente e temerario libro Shantaram che si svolge maggiormente a Bombay/ India.

The main character, who spends some weeks in a remote and poor village with his friend Prabaker and his family says:

“I was born in those moments, as I stood near the flood sticks with my face lifted to the chrismal rain. Shantaram/peaceful man. The better man that, slowly, and much to late, I began to be.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t find in my foto library exactly the pictures that go with the above mentioned words and feelings, but I hope that this sea of sand with its long shadows as flood sticks and the farmer in a remote village can somehow give you the feeling of SHANTARAM! Leider konnte ich in meiner Fotothek nicht genau die passenden Worte zum unten stehenden Satz finden, aber ich hoffe, dass dieses Sandmeer mit den langen Schatten als Flutstangen und der Bäuerin aus dem entlegenen Dorf euch ein wenig das Gefühl SHANTARAMS geben können! Purtroppo non ho nella mia fototeca esattamente le immagini adatti per la frase qui di sotto, ma spero che questo mare di sabbia con l’ombra lunga, rappresentante i bastoni d’inondazione con la contadina di un villaggio remoto possano darvi un po’ la sensazione di SHANTARAM !

Der Protagonist in Shantaram, der mit seinem Freund Prabaker und seiner Familie einige Wochen im entlegenen und armen Dorf verbringt sagt:

Ich wurde in diesen Momenten geboren, als ich in der Nähe der Flutstangen stand, mit meinem gegen den starken Regen gerichtetem Gesicht. Shantaram/friedsamer Mann. Der bessere Mann, langsam, und viel zu spät, begann ich zu sein.

Il carattere principale in Shantaram, uomo pacifico, che ha vissuto alcune settimane in un villaggio remoto e povero assieme a suo amico Prabaker e la sua famiglia dice:

«Sono nato in questi momenti, quando stavo vicino ai bastoni dell’inondazione, la mia faccia inclinata verso la pioggia intensa. Shantaram. Il miglior uomo, lentamente e molto toppo tardi, ho cominciato ad essere.

Chapter 17 begins as follows:

“The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards.” The rest of the human beings seems to be doing what others decide!

In der ziemlich zerstörten Stadt Costanta, Rumänien,wo wir 2014 sehr aussergewöhnliche Menschen kennenlernten! On our adventurous trip to the quite destroyed city of Costanza, where we met some out of the rule people! Nella abbastanza distrutta città Costanza, dove abbiamo conosciuto delle persone straordinarie!

Kapitel 17 beginnt mit den folgenden Worten:

Die Welt wird von einer Million bösen Menschen gelenkt, 10 Millionen dummen Menschen und 100 Millionen Feiglingen! Die restlichen Menschen scheinen das zu tun, was ihnen gesagt wird!

Il capitolo 17 comincia come segue :

Il mondo viene gestito da un milione di uomini cattivi, 10 milioni di uomini stupidi e 100 milioni di codardi. I rimanenti sembrano di fare quello che a loro viene detto.

“Every virtuous act has some dark secret in its heart, Khaderbhai (very important and powerful person in Bombay) once told me, and every risk we take contains a mystery that can’t be solved.”

Le varie luci sul vulcano Stromboli!/The various lights on the Stromboli/Die verschiedenen Lichter auf dem Stromboli!

Jede tugendhafte Tat hat irgendein dunkles Geheimnis in ihrem Herzen, sagte mir Khaderbhai (sehr einflussreiche Person in Bombay) einst und jedes Risiko, das wir auf uns nehmen hat ein Geheimnis, das nicht gelöst werden kann!

Ogni azione virtuosa possiede un qualque secreto scuro nel suo cuore, mi ha detto una volta Khaderbhai (persona molto influente e potente a Bombay) e ogni rischio che assumiamo possiede un secreto che non può essere risolto!

“The burden of happiness can only be relieved by the balm of suffering.”

These children seem to be, at least at the moment, on the sunny side of the world!! Diese Kinder scheinen im Moment auf der sonnigen Seite des Lebens zu sein! Questi bambini sembrano per il momento, essere sul lato soleggiato del mondo.

Die Last des Glücks kann nur durch den Balsam des Leidens gelindert werden!

Il fardello della felicità può solamente essere ridotto tramite il balsamo della sofferenza !

“ Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is the way cowards cry when they’re not alone, and causing pain is how they grieve.”

I wonder, whether this cat is really grieving! Ich frage mich, ob diese Katze wirklich trauert! Mi chiedo, se questo gatto è veramente in lutto!

Grausamkeit ist eine Art Feigheit. Grausames Gelächter ist die Art und Weise wie Feiglinge weinen, wenn sie nicht alleine sind und, indem sie Leiden verursachen, trauern sie!

Crudeltà è una specie di vigliaccheria. Il ridere crudele è il modo nel quale i vigliacchi piangono quando non sono soli e provocando dolore è il modo di essere in lutto.


They cried openly as they sang and they laughed together often. And with the music they helped one another to keep love alive in hearts that the city had forsaken, and forgotten.”

Music always helps to bear certain situations. Musik hilft immer gewisse Situationen besser zu ertragen. La musica aiuta sempre per sopportare meglio certe situazioni.


Sie haben offen geweint, als sie sangen und haben oft zusammen gelacht. Und mit der Musik halfen sie einander die Liebe in den Herzen lebendig zu halten, die die Stadt aufgegeben und vergessen hatte.


 Hanno apertamente pianto quando hanno cantato e spesso hanno riso assieme. E con la musica si sono aiutati a mantenere l’amore nei cuori, che la città aveva abbandonato e dimenticato.

End of the first part/Ende des ersten Teils/fine della prima parte

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  1. Well done, Martina! Your choice of pics definitely gives us the Shantaram feeling. This epic, mesmerizing first novel set in the underworld of contemporary Bombay is a favourite of ours. The runner up to Shantaram, “The Mountain Shadow” isn’t quite as captivating.
    Big hugs to you from the Norfolk Coast 🌊
    The Fab Four 💃🏼🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🚶🏼‍♂️

    Liked by 3 people

    • You know, dear Dina, that you have given me the good advice of this uncontrollable page trurner!:)I have only brievely been in Bombay and was then very choked by the bad air, dirt and humidity and had, at the beginning of the book, difficulty to understand that one could feel well in this city, but I was proved wrong.
      I thank you therefore for it and also for your present words. I had already in mind to tackle “The Mountain Shadow” but now I don’t know. My very best regards to all 4 of you:):):):) Martina

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  2. “The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards.” is so true. Great quotes and wonderful photos. I don’t think the snaggletooth cat is grieving about his dinner. His place in life because of “…one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards.” might be another matter.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Martina – Thank you for this post!!! I am thrilled that you introduced me to this book. I have already located it on Kindle and have downloaded it for reading. I have read the reviews and find that this is a definite must read. Sending my gratitude along my my hugs!!! A great way to start 2021.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Good morning dear Rebecca, I am so “thrilled” about your words and that you are going to read Shantaran, so that I can speak with somebody about it::):):)In case we want to meet in Bombay for the discussion, we have to take into consideration the proposals you sent me about future ways of travelling, which I consider highly interesting! Many thanks for your friendship also in 2021 and big hugs. Martina

      Liked by 2 people

    • This is really a very nice surprise, dear Otto, to hear that you, too, liked SHANTARAM very much:) Today I read the following sentence: “I think that when we look for an objective way to measure good and evil, a way that all people can accept as reasonable, we can do no better than study the way that the universe works and its nature!) (Said by Kdaderbhai) If have been told that “The Montain Shadow” shouldn’t be quite as challenging. Many thanks for your comment and all the best Martina

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  4. Dear Martina, the following quote striked me as perfectly true for the human condition, especially the last sentence without the quotes:
    “The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards.” The rest of the human beings seems to be doing what others decide! << Yes, exactly 🙂 It's sooooooo frustrating. That's why they speak of the 'Sheeple' 😉 All the quotes are good and your pictures accompany them very well. Thank you for the wisdom, Martina – much appreciated.

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  5. Many thanks, Mr. Brogido, for your interests:) I am reading “THE SAPIENS” by Yuval Harrari, which describes our evolution and that the cognitive evolution and with this the possibility to invent things makes a big part of what we are!
    But I also have been working and planting a lot in our garden, so that we have more of the healthy biological products!
    All the best and stay in your positive mood:):)

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