The Sense of an Ending

I recommend you to read this mysterious  book during your Easter holidays. In this sense I wish you a good read and



The sense of an ending1

The sense of an ending2

The sense of an ending3

Short summary to which you can just listen to with questions.THESENSEOFANENDING

This novella (short novel) by Julian Barnes, which won the Booker Prize 2011, is a mystery of memory and missed opportunity. Tony Webster,a cautious, divorced man in his 60s who “had wanted life not to bother me too much, and had succeeded,” receives an unexpected bequest from Sarah, a woman  he’d met only once, 40 years earlier. The mother of his college girlfriend, Veronica, has bequeathed him £500 — a legacy that unsettles Tony, pushing him to get in touch with Veronica (their relationship had ended badly) and seeks answers to certain unresolved questions such as:

1)   Why did Adrian commit suicide?

2)   Why is Veronica so angry with Tony?

3)    Why did Sarah bequeath Adrian’s diary to Tony ?

4)    Who are Adrian Jr.’s parents ?

5)    What is this book about?

6)    What does BLOOD MONEY mean in this book?

7)   Why did Veronica burn the diary?

8)   Why did Veronica not give Adrian’s diary to Tony as wished by Sarah  and why did Sarah have it in the first place?

9)   Who is Mary?

I also include you an interesting summary and detailed analysis of the book.

Summary and questions to download:Julian Barnes

This book has been analyzed a lot and there are an indefinite number of opinions or questions such as the above mentioned ones because Julian Barnes never explains anything completely. I hope you will play the game I prepared for you with question and answer cards that you can cut out and distribute on the table and try to match and that you will, after having read the book, come to your own  and different conclusions.

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