Zurück zu den Wurzeln/Back to the roots/ritorno alle radici/D/E/I

Appenzell/Hauptgasse/main road in Appenzell/strada princpale ad AppenzellEs ist lange her, dass ich in Appenzell, Heimat meiner Grosseltern und im Alpstein war. Ich empfang es als die Reise in ein aus der heutigen Welt gefallenes Land. Die prächtigen Häuser im Hauptort des Kantons Appenzell Innerrhoden, eine Region der Bauern und Landwirtschaft, haben uns erneut sprachlos gemacht . Die vielen, höchst speziellen Geschäfte, wo die Leute mit Begeisterung ihre eigenen Lebensmittel, Handwerkarbeiten oder Gegenstände, die mit der Kultur im Zusammenhang stehen verkaufen, zeugen von der Liebe zur Unabhängigkeit dieser Menschen hier. Auch Abfall haben wir keinen gesehen auf der Strasse!

Im Hotel hat man uns Tischsets gegeben anhand denen man auf einen Anfängerkurs im Appenzeller Dialekt hingewiesen wurde! (Ameise, z.B. heisst Äbesse) Wir fanden das viel origineller als den Versuch die Sprache des Orts auf englisch zu übersetzen.

Wir haben die Appenzellermusik genossen und traumhafte Wanderungen im Alpstein, dem schönsten Gebirge der Welt, durch den Schnee gemacht! Meine Mutter führte die Touristen schon als junges Mädchen mit Fackeln durch die Höhlen des Wildkirchli, wo früher Bären und Neandertaler hausten.Siehe: EBENALP

Wegen meiner Augenprobleme kann ich leider nicht all zu viel schreiben, aber meine Bilder werden euch meinen Eindruck auch vermitteln, so hoffe ich wenigstens!

WILDKIRCHLIIt’s a long time since I last went to where my grandparents lived and to those impressive mountains called the ALPSTEIN. This trip was for me to a place outside our modern world! The main town of the small Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland is called Appenzell and its  splendid houses left us once more speechless. This region has always been known for the farmers, agriculture and music. The many most special little shops, where the inhabitants sell their own agricultural products, their works made by hand and in connection with their culture or surrounding with great passion and show the love they have for their home and their drive to be independent. In a week we didn’t see any trash on the streets!!

In the hotel we were given table sets with dialect lessons for beginners of their language; they speak in fact a very special dialect, which is hard to understand even for other Swiss people. It’s also difficult to find any English here! We considered this very original.

We enjoyed the music and the exceptional hiking tours across the snow in the most beautiful mountains worldwide!! When my mother was a very young girl she guided tourists through the Wildkirchli caves with torches!! Even bears and Neanderthal people used to live here in ancient times.

Due to my problems with the eyes I can’t write long posts anymore. I hope that this information and my pictures will make you feel the atmosphere!!

E’ da tanto tempo che non sono più stata nel luogo dove i miei nonni hanno vissuto e nelle montagne circostanti e impressionanti chiamate ALPSTEIN. La cittadina Appenzell è anche il luogo principale del semi cantone Appenzello interno. Questo posto mi sembra di essere caduto dal mondo! Le stupende case ci hanno lasciate di nuovo a bocche aperte. Questa regione è sempre stata conosciuta per i contadini, l’agricoltura e la loro musica tradizionale.

I tanti piccoli negozi, dove gli abitanti vendono con passione i loro prodotti, i loro lavori artigianali in relazione alla loro cultura e ambiente dimostrano l’amore per la loro patria e il loro desiderio di essere indipendenti. Vorrei menzionare a questo punto che in sei giorni non abbiamo visto rifiuti sulle strade!!

In questa regione i gatto vivono ancora di toppi che prendono e non di cibo in scatola comprato!

Sul “set” di carta che ci è stato dato nell’albergo non c’era scritto niente in inglese, ma c’era un corso in dialetto appenzellese per principianti!! Noi abbiamo trovato questo modo di fare molto originale. Abbiamo osservato l’importanza della loro lingua in tutta la regione.

Abbiamo avuto molto piacere di fare le nostre escursioni nell’Alpstein e particolarmente quella sul Wildkirchli, Ebenalp, Chlus e ritorno al punto di partenza. Abbiamo naturalmente fatto sosta nel ristorante del Wildkirchli, dove abbiamo goduto il sole per poi attraversare le cave, dove hanno trovato circa 600 scheletri d’orsi e dove abbiamo imparato che  ai tempi anche gli uomini di Neandertal hanno vissuto qui. Da ragazza mia madre faceva la guida ai turisti con la torcia.

Visto il mio problema con gli occhi non posso più stare a lungo al computer. Spero comunque di avervi dato, anche con l’aiuto delle foto, un’idea dell’Appenzello interno.

Mein früherer Beitrag zu den beiden Halbkantonen Appenzell Ausserhoden und Appenzel Innerrhoden: Deutsch und English


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  1. I am so very sorry to hear that you are having problems with your eyes! This post was very meaningful to me because it was a reminder that looking back, retracing steps is a healing process, a recognition of time passing, of our mortality, of being a part of the story of human history. Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!!

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    • The reason why we went to the Appenzell region- east of Switzerland-was, above all, because of the very special clinic for eyes there is. As my tear ducts are blocked the doctors want to reopen them by the means of a catheter.
      You are very right, dear Rebecca, with what you say about the healing process! This trip made me very much aware that I am signed by the past in that region but that I will never again be one of them!
      It is always a great pleasure to read your words and I also wish you a happy day.:)

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      • My thoughts and prayers are with you. Safe travels, my dear friend. Our place in life is wherever we are, whoever we meet – we define our lives by the thousands of choices we make every day. I celebrate our friendship.

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      • I consider myself very luck to be able to live in Switzerland, when I see all these poor people going through hell, where they are. Thank you with all my heart for your very special friendship. I wish you lot of autumn colours! Martina

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  2. cara amica i problemi ( anche quelli della salut) sono fatti per essere risolti! Presto e bene è quello che io ti auguro dal profondo del cuore 🙂 quei luoghi mi fanno ritornare indietro ed i paesaggi allietano l’orizzonte, la neve allieta ed indurisce il cammino, bellezza e difficoltà ci affiancano ad ogni passo del cammino, fai che sia la Bellezza a vincere
    per stemperare l’ambiente sto riguardando le splendide immagini dei grandi palazzi all’inizio del post e mi dico…ma quante finestre da pulire!!!!!!
    ti auguro una giornata molto serena con un grandissimo ed amichevole abbraccio


    • Your thought is really very kind and I would like to thank you. I am very positive about the outcome so that I will have the chance to see many more beautiful things in this world!
      I wish you all the best, too. 🙂
      My very best regards Martina


  3. Hi Martina – I’m very sorry to hear about your eye problem. I hope that there’s a solution! Thanks for writing about this very special and nostalgic trip. I love to hear that there are still hidden corners of Europe like this one. Warmest Wishes – Julie

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    • Thank you very much, Julie, for your good wishes and your words on this – at least for me- very special place. Should you ever visit Switzerland, please go to Appenzell and surrounding. I wish you a very good Sunday:) Martina


  4. Beautiful post, dear MArtina… The atmosphere of the ALPSTEIN totally reached me through the screen … A beautiful village and surroundings… I bet you loved it… By the way, the pic of the cat with the mouse is quite stunning too!… love & best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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    • Your words really touch me, dear Acquileana, and it makes me happy that I could bring you “my” mountains to your home. 🙂 I wish you a very good evening and all the best with any of your endeavours. Un grande abbraccio Martina


  5. Das tut uns sehr leid, dass du Augenprobleme hast, Martina. Hoffentlich geht’s dir jetzt besser nach dem Eingriff. Muss das wiederholt werden?
    Deine Heimat sieht wunderschön aus, mit atemberaubender Architektur und großartiger Natur. Vielen Dank für diese Eindrücke! Auf den Schnee sind wir richtig neidisch …
    Herzliche Grüße von uns in Norfolk,

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    • Ja, ich muss sagen, liebe Hanne, dass auch ich diese meine erste Heimat als atemberaubend gefunden habe und zum Glück gibt es auch noch eine sehr spezialisierte Augenklinik, wo ich nächstens hingehe und hoffe, dass die Aerzte es schaffen auf eine “softe” Art diese Tränenkanäle zu öffnen, sonst muss ich eine ziemlich eingreiffende Operation machen.
      PS: es war übringens recht schwierig über die Schneefelder abwärts zu wandern.:) Lieben Gruss aus dem Tessin.


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